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The company name Lime Firms has been associated with the manufacture and supply of lime since the middle of the nineteenth century. Although this historical link has since been broken, the focus of the company remains the proper use of lime in building.

The benefits of lime as a binder in construction have been well documented. Lime has the very positive attributes of imparting flexibility and greater vapour permeability, apart from its aesthetic qualities.

However, what is just as important are the qualities which allow ready recycling of materials at the end of the life of the building and the much reduced carbon dioxide emission burden of the production of lime in comparison with cement.


Lime Firms supplies a wide range of materials which often crosses over the normally accepted boundaries of what is right for traditional buildings and what should be used for new projects. We feel that a realistic and pragmatic approach is the right one to follow - taking each project with its particular imperatives on a case by case basis.

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We are constantly adding to the range of materials and services we supply.

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